More Portfolios

Beginning in 2010, I have volunteered to make portraits of Holocaust Survivors participating in The Sunshine Circle Foundation in the Palm Springs area. The foundation provides outreach for Survivors and pairs them with teens for companionship and to carry their stories of the Holocaust forward. In recent years I have been horrified to see intolerance and the numbers of Holocaust deniers grow. Here was my chance to do a little something…to give people a chance to look into the eyes of these Survivors who have journeyed from the light into the darkest dark and, at the end of their days, back to the beautiful desert light.  

In conversations about The Holocaust they will often say, "I survived because I was lucky."  When listening to them tell their stories, or even a great joke, I believe they are here because they are Survivors in the truest sense of the word. Their strength, courage, intelligence, wisdom, humor and ability to reach for the light is hard to describe. I hope these portraits, in some small way, illustrate what I see in them.